Tradogram Featured in Leading Publications: Business Reporter & The Telegraph

Procurement Software Solution Highlighted via Media Coverage

OTTAWA, Ontario, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tradogram’s procurement software was spotlighted in feature articles published by The Telegraph and Business Reporter. Each piece takes an in-depth look at procurement-related obstacles companies often face and shows how Tradogram can provide effective solutions at a fraction of what legacy software cost.

The Telegraph’s “Procurement Management: Challenges and Solutions” covers why it’s crucial for businesses to adopt software tools to manage complicated sourcing, evaluating and ordering processes within their companies. The piece lists the most common procurement challenges reported by businesses, explaining how the right software solution can help organizations overcome these challenges. Tradogram chief executive and co-founder Hani Abdou also provides his own procurement insight and expertise.

The Business Reporter’s “Common Procurement Risks and How to Mitigate Them” analyses the concept of procurement in the modern business world. Tradogram co-founder Majdi Sleimen discusses how companies are turning to procurement to mitigate supply chain risks and maintain their businesses now more than ever. This article explains how a reliable and secure procurement software like Tradogram can save businesses money and avoid unwanted setbacks.

With an effective procurement risk management strategy, a business can anticipate risks and prevent common issues that could arise during the procurement process. These two articles examine how Tradogram simplifies procurement and establishes a streamlined, effective purchasing process.

Tradogram┬áis proud to offer the leading purchasing system on the market. The company’s cloud-based procurement software offers complete spend control, purchase order management and more at an affordable price. With Tradogram you get:

  • Purchasing control without the bottleneck. You can enhance team collaboration, oversee purchasing activities and easily generate reports from stored transaction histories.
  • A spend management hub for all departments. Tradogram’s procurement software helps you avoid miscommunication and grants you complete company synchronicity. As a result, your team can easily collaborate between departments and with suppliers.
  • Procurement numbers at a glance. With a real-time snapshot of your business expenditure, you can be proactive about your company spending and think big picture.
  • Added value to your customer base. When you utilize Tradogram’s user-friendly, cost-effective purchasing solution, your clients reap the benefits.

Since 2014, Tradogram has been implemented by a wide range of industries to improve their procurement processes. This software solution uses seamless automation and data analysis to create a more efficient procurement strategy and help businesses avoid unnecessary risks.

SOURCE Tradogram Inc.