Syrian army bombards rebel bastion killing seven civilians

Syrian army on Thursday, bombarded Idlib region on Thursday. This killed seven civilians including three children, said Britain-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights. Idlib is a bastion of the rebels and this is the third bombardment in a week.

Several people were seriously wounded in the morning bombardment of the village of Iblin, south of Idlib

Syrian army has stepped up its bombing of the northwestern enclave since Saturday. It was the day when President Bashar al-Assad took oath for a new term. He vowed to make “liberating those parts of the homeland that still need to be” one of his top priorities.

Strikes on the Idlib villages of Sarja and Ehsin on the same day killed 14 civilians. Seven of these were children.

Two days earlier shelling of Idlib and the town of Fuaa further north killed nine civilians, three of them children, the Observatory said.

Controlled by an alliance dominated by Al-Qaeda’s former Syria affiliate, the Idlib region is home to nearly three million people, two-thirds of them displaced from other parts of the country.

A March 2020 deal brokered by the rival sides’ main foreign backers Russia and Turkey has eased fighting on the front line but the region remains in the government’s sights.

Elsewhere in the country, Kurdish-led forces control a large swathe of the east after expelling the Islamic State group from the region.

And Turkey and its Syrian proxies hold a long strip of territory along the northern border.

(With inputs from agencies)

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